Banff Romantic Getaway

Is your sweetheart constantly asking you for more romance? You might not understand what you’re doing wrong in spite of your best efforts to be a hopeless romantic, but we assure you, a spontaneous getaway to the Rockies would help!

Banff is such a romantic setting in itself, that you won’t even need to put in the extra effort (But your S/O will think you did!).
First on the itinerary is to embark on board the Rocky Mountaineers. This cozy commute is sure to set the tone for the rest of your trip. Whether you come from Seattle, or from Montreal or Toronto, you can find a train station to depart from. This will be a fabulous experience with breathtaking scenery…you don’t need our words to envision it, you need to experience it first-hand!

For the ultimate pampered holiday in Banff, we suggest you check in either at Chateau Fairmont or at the Rimrock. If you are more the Romeo and Juliet ultra-romantic types, then stay at Chateau Lake is indeed the ideal love story setting. Here you will find both the amenities you need to keep active, as well as the poetry for a perfect romantic retreat. We lined up below the MUST active-romantic activities for the two of you.

Enjoy it!


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