Banff Non-Skier Package

Not everybody skies or snowboard. Yet almost everybody has Banff National Park on their Bucket List. There’s just too much awesomeness in Banff, so even if you are not into downhill sports, we’ve got you covered! Banff and its surroundings is home to so many natural wonders & beauty. If we don’t have too much time to explore everything that Banff has to offer (and it does take time to discover all its wonders), we highlighted some of the best non skiing things to do in Banff & Lake Louise:

Check in downtown so you have the town buzz at your fingertips. Stay at Brewster’s Mountain Lodge, a Banff staple for authenticity & history. You’ll just love it staying with the Brewsters, which will probably inspire and color your whole vacation. You have all the fun pubs and good restaurants just a few steps away. ( You Save 25% when you stay minimum 3 nights).

Dashing Thru’ the Snow in a one horse open sleigh…Enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the winter wonderland of the Canadian Rockies for one unique and memorable way to experience another side of this wonderful mountain area. Bring your family or your sweetheart on the leisurely glide beneath the snowy boughs and over fields of white powder on a crisp and clear afternoon or beneath the moonlit sky.

We strongly suggest a visit to the beloved Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary. Consider a guided tour from those at YWS who know these magnificent beings the best, or opt for a self-guided walkabout.

If you travel with your kids (or even without), just get up on the mountain and unleash your inner child: Go Tubing on Mount Norquay, be childish, get some frosty air into your lungs and just be!!

One sunny morning, strap on your snowshoes and dive into the pristine wilderness of Banff National Park. Allow yourself about a full day to discover its wonders. Upon return, you will definitely be in awe of its beauty and its amazing wildlife, you’ll master new knowledge, burn up to 1000 calories and you’ll certainly feel thoroughly oxygenated 🙂

You can’t experience Banff, Alberta without immersing into its culinary life: Grizzly House for Fondue one evening is a MUST, go for a genuine Albertan Steak another evening, try the AAA/CAA 5-Diamond Eden Restaurant if that works for your pocket book, also don’t ignore the Fairmont restaurants – all serving delicious food; You can find good Asian food as well, a great Moussaka at the Balkans and so on. International cuisine is beautifully featured throughout Banff. For more detailed info about culinary itinerary, see our Banff Dining guide & Banff Asian Food Itinerary.

Whatever you do, make sure you include Dog sledding on your getaway as well. Experience the exhilaration of charging through the wintry countryside with an expert dog sledder and a team of eager and powerful Alaskan Huskies. These beautiful gentle creatures just love to serve you.

Don’t miss out the unique experience of Banff Upper Hot Springs. Soak in the steamy hot mineral water where travelers have come to ‘take the waters’ for over a hundred years. Banff National Park’s only hot springs pool welcomes you for an authentic heritage experience that is a favorite among visitors.

And one more thing not to be missed on your trip: go Ice skating on Lake Louise and breathe in some pure beauty. It’s a marvelous place, with stunning surroundings and views, and of course, skating is free of charge. Everybody is welcome.

Enjoy Banff & Lake Louise!

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