Bachelors Party in Banff

Your best friend is tying the knot! You’re happy for him, but, let’s face it, you can’t help but feel the slightest tinge of dread for your friendship – which will never be the same. Next year he could be taking Lamaze lessons and changing diapers. Yeah, you might get together every few weeks for a beer from 6 to 7:30, or have a barbecue every first Sunday of the month, but you’ve got to make the most of the precious little time you have left together! You have 3 – 4 days to act like you are freshman college students again. What do you do?Grab your buddies and travel back in time for the ultimate bachelors party in Banff.

Check in downtown, so you can feel the buzz of the city and be the main characters on the vibrant scene of the resort. Make the Fox Suites Hotel your man-cave for the week. This cozy, trendy, lodge-style establishment has a cheerful atmosphere, a delightful restaurant and pub, a cool hot-tub and the best Margarita around!
The night is young and there are lots happening around, live music, riding bulls, lots of beer and good food, enthusiastic people from all around the world..We won’t tell you exactly how to have fun, just get out of hotel and things will come together. Maybe you want to check the St James Gate Irish Pub, the authentic Irish Bar in the heart of the Rockies! You’ll definitely find here great atmosphere to start the night, live music all the time, and sweet service. So we’re pretty sure you’ll hang out a lot and you’ll love this place. Grab your cowboy hats and head of towards the Legendary Wild Bill Salon, learn or pretend you also know how to dance country music and ride that bull and prove to him!
Wake up next morning, have a strong coffee and let’s build some bachelors memories for your buddy who’s getting married. Yes, we know you are tired and hardly remember anything from last night, but that’s why you guys need to create some new memories: let’s go Ice fishing on the beautiful Spray Lakes in Kananaskis Country, just outside Banff National Park. Relax in heated huts on the ice while you fish for trout and white fish. Your guides will even help you cook your catch on-site for a shoreline lunch! In the evening When you come back at the Hotel, probably all frozen but proudly owners of a bag full of trouts (even if they are imaginary), dive into that unique hot tub and relax your foggy brains. trying to rebuild the last night itinerary and brainstorm about where one of your buddies could have been disappeared.

Next day (if you find your buddy, and even if you haven’t, we are sure he is still having fun where he is right now) you might want to do something more than party, something more brave and wild and worthy..Since it’s your ultimate vacation as bachelors, do something BIG: for instance, go heli-skiing if you haven’t done it so far..that would build memories for a lifetime together and you ll be bond for life by this amazing experience. You will be amazed by vast virgin slopes surrounded by scenic glaciers, or skiing fresh powder on gladed tree runs in the pristine snow and breathtaking Purcell Mountains.. The runs are long, down some of the best alpine slopes and scenic glaciers in the world.
Guys, if your buddy didn’t really come back by evening, maybe you should start getting serious about it. Good news is the bears are hibernating, bad news..still lots of wild animals around. Strap some snowshoes and dive into the deep forests to look for your friend. Even if you won’t find your friend, you” find so much beauty and majesty that you might want to look for him all night. Chances are when you come back, you might find him sleeping at the hotel, snuggled up against a baby dear…
So now that you are all back together, jump on the shuttle to the Upper Hot Springs and warm up after the long snowy day and let your friend relate his adventures with the baby deer…Next morning you need to head of to the wedding, so you’d rather agree among you the same itinerary for your wives and girlfriends!

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