FAQs – Mushing 101 Kingmik Dog Sledding

Q: How long does the tour last?
A: The tour is a 30 minutes tour
Q: What should I wear?
A: We would suggest that you wear ski gear to this activity, including ski pants and ski jacket. We would also suggest hiking boots or snow boots to keep your feet warm.
Q: Does it get cold in the sled?
A: It can get cold in the sled, we do have you wrapped up in blankets but if you wrap up appropriate clothing, you should be fine.
Q: Is there an age limit?
A: There isn’t an age limit; we will take guests of any age.
Q: What is the weight limit?
A: We do have a weight restriction, it is 400lb per sled, and if the weight limit is over you would need to book an additional sled.
Q: How many people can fit in a sled?
A: We can fit two adults in a sled with an infant (under 5 years old) as long as the total weight is under 400lbs.
Q: Is there a height restriction?
A: No there is not a height restriction; taller people may have to bend their knees slightly to feel more comfortable in the sled
Q: Can an infant fit in with two adults?
A: Yes as long as the weight limit is under 400lbs.
Q: How much is an infant?
A: An infant is $30 + Tax if they are going in a sled with two adults. If it is one adult and one infant, the sled is the normal price of $158 + Tax.
Q: What is the age limit for an infant?
A: The age limit is under 5 years old.
Q: Is there transport available?
A: Unfortunately Kingmik does not have any transportation to get to Mushing 101 from Banff.
Q: Do we sled along the Lake Louise shoreline?
A: Unfortunately not, we head along the Great Divide Trail, which is still beautiful and has lovely scenery! Great for photos!
Q: What times does it run?
A: We have one tour a day in the afternoon
It starts at 4pm. The only day the dogs have a day off is a Thursday.
Q: What is the difference between Mushing 101 and the Great Divide?
A: The difference between Great Divide and Mushing 101 is Mushing 101 is a shorter tour of 30 minutes. It is a taster for the dog sledding. It is great if you only have a short amount of time while in Lake Louise or have small children. During Mushing 101 you are not able to mush the sled due to the time limit. Mushing 101 only runs once a day at 4pm. The Great Divide is an hour and half long and runs three times a day. It has a longer trail and gives you a chance to mush as well.
Q. Is it cruel?
A. No it is not cruel, Alaskan Huskies have lots of energy and we harness their energy into dog sledding. The dogs love it and it burns all the excess energy they have.