11 Reasons to visit Banff this winter

Once you’ve experienced the magic of Banff in the wintertime, it’s easy to find reasons to go back and visit. But if  you haven’t checked Banff off your bucket  list and you need a little coaxing off that indecisive fence you’ve been sitting on, allow us:
Perfectly situated within the Banff National Park and nestled alongside the peaceful flow of the Bow River, this picturesque village is the heart of the Rockies. Surrounded by numerous and magnificent mountain peaks, Banff is home to a steady snowfall at each of its three local ski resorts, Sunshine Village, Lake Louise and Mount Norquay.
But that’s just the beginning of the fun, while the official high season in Banff is their summer, we’ve put together a list of ten good reasons to pack your gear and make your way to Banff in the winter.

1. Champagne Powder


First and foremost, Banff,  Sunshine and Lake Louise are home to some of the best quality snow in Canada, soft, precious, powdery snow. It’s hard to believe it can actually be this good, but it can and it is. But you have to ride it to really get it. All the 3 mountains are open right now and there is plenty of white stuff to play in. And it keeps falling! Lake Louise has already 1 meter of snow.


2.Got to go dog-sledding for an authentic exhilarating Canadian experience

kingmik dog sled tours 2

These gorgeous creatures live to make you happy! Give them a chance. Go dog-sledding in the Rockies with these pure Alaskan pups and create life time memories. You will learn so much from these generous beings. It’s worth every second!


3. The Rockies will teach you how to take romance to the next level


If you and your sweetheart are the active, sporty type, then just forget the sugary-cocktail -beaches- vacations for now. Come and energize your romance  in the majestic Canadian Rockies. Give your love a kick with a heli-ride or why not, just get married here!


4. Snowshoeing

photo: Banff Lake Louise/ Globetrotter
photo: Banff Lake Louise/ Globetrotter

Maybe downhill isn’t quite your thing but you still want to get out in that fresh white stuff. Banff offers modern snowshoe rentals as well as private or self-guided snowshoe tours throughout the season. You might be lucky enough to see some wildlife while you’re out and about.


5. Cross Country Skiing

photo" Banff Lake Louise Tourism/ Paul Zizka
photo” Banff Lake Louise Tourism/ Paul Zizka

Casually glide your way to a nice mountaintop lookout or get your blood pumping on a 40km trek up the trails. Either way, Banff has hundred of kilometers of maintained terrain and something for every level of cross-country ski enthusiast.


6. Dashing thru’ the snow..


Sleighrides in Canadian Rockies can be a reason by itself to invite yourself over! Enjoy a memorable horse-drawn sleigh ride through the winter wonderland of the majestic Rockies for one unique and memorable way to experience another side of this wonderful mountain wilderness. There’s no better way  to embrace and  capture all this beauty than on a majestic sleigh ride.


7. Eat, Drink & Be Merry


Banff is known for its fabulous and filling mountain fare, great locally brewed beers and delicious artisan coffee shops. It seems you could eat and drink somewhere new every day. May we recommend Nourish Bistro, Melissa’s Missteak, Wild Flour Bakery/Cafe and the Banff Ave. Brewing Company. If you’re feeling flush, a trip to Eden is always beyond pleasant. And, try not to miss out the kick-off event of the Winterstart Festival, the foodie heaven event Bon Apetit Banff.


8. Have a blast at Winterstart Festival!

Christmas in the Rockies

Celebrated in early November, WinterStart is an exciting month long celebration of all things winter in the Rockies. It gives locals and visitors alike a chance to experience the unique flair of Banff, from the fabulous food culture, local artisans market, inaugural Banff Beer Festival, and the spectacular Santa Claus Parade of Lights. The  kick-off event of the Festival is the long awaited foodie event. Bon Appétit Banff: just 10 days of pure culinary heaven. Come and get a taste of Banff!


9. Banff Snow Days, a playground for everybody!


This annual festival serves up three weeks of action packed fun and adventure including the MEC Ice Climbing Festival, live entertainment, the beloved Ice Magic Festival, snowshoeing, dog sledding and so much more. It doesn’t get much more Canadian than that! This event makes the perfect playground for the whole family, with lots of kid friendly activities, as well as parent & senior friendly ones. And if you are looking for some Canadian time, then this is the time to come to Banff.


10. Aurora Borealis

photo: Paul Zizka/ Banff Lake Louise Tourism
photo: Paul Zizka/ Banff Lake Louise Tourism

The Northern Lights are a naturally occurring, magnificent light show of epic proportions. Located in the north at its high elevation, the Banff National Park happens to be a great place to view this magical display of colour. The aurora borealis is most visible during dark nights with little to no moon interference.


11. Last but not least: Unbeatable Affordable Pricing

Banff Aspen Lodge

Banff has always been on the must see list for those who live above the 49th parallel, but for our neighbors to the south, this year is your year. With our Canadian loonie on the low end of the USD, with winter as low season & summer as peak season, now is a fine time to come on up and damn near double your fun! For greater savings, check out our early Banff deals and book your holiday by mid November. Call our friendly Enjoy Banff team to help you design & plan your memorable Banff vacation.