Best Asian Food in Banff

Considering the amount of activities that one can do in Banff, it’s not surprising that you would find yourself craving for some good grub now and again. Sometimes, you find yourself craving spicy, exotic flavors, and when you’re craving for spicy and exotic, you know your taste buds want Asian! Asian flavors, while delicious, can be pretty hard to come by when you’re in the West, but for locals and visitors in the Banff area, have no fear! Here are 8  restaurants that offer best Asian Food in Banff, to satisfy your craving for Eastern-style food.



Silver Dragon

Silver Dragon  If you’re looking for some Chinese that’s the real thing, when a visit to the Silver Dragon might be in order. With a name like the “Silver Dragon”, how can you go wrong? This quaint restaurant located on Spray Avenue offers a whole host of different Chinese dishes, and can offer something from the most die-hard vegetarian (go for their spring rolls), to the most dedicated carnivore (their Peking Duck is one of the most ordered dishes). Of course, a Chinese meal is never complete with a huge serving of fried rice!

The Silver Dragon offers lunch and dinner, and is open every day. The cozy atmosphere is perfect for Chinese-style brunch with friends and family, and the servings are perfect for sharing with large groups.

Pad Thai



Pad Thai is a hole-in-the-wall kind of restaurant, but the food is still spectacular! If you’re looking for a quick meal that’s friendly on the wallet, then a trip to Pad Thai should be on your list. The food is fresh, quick, and made-to-order, and if you love bold, spicy flavors, their menu is full to bursting with that kind of fare.

Pad Thai can be found on Banff Avenue, in Banff National Park. Admittedly, the place is pretty small, so if you’re dining in a large group, it might not be a good idea to eat here. However, if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat with a small group of friends after a fun night out, Pad Thai is the place for you.

Bamboo Garden


Bamboo Garden is another place that’s good for families and large groups, because their servings are huge and good for sharing. Bamboo Garden also serves Thai cuisine with some Chinese influence, so if you’re out of luck looking for a place at Pad Thai, you can try to find a seating at Bamboo Garden. They serve fresh, healthy meals that will make your taste buds tingle.

Bamboo Garden is also located at Banff Avenue, at Banff National Park. Their prices are a bit heavy on the budget, but they are a good price if you’re dining in a group and sharing the bill. They serve a large selection of curries, soups, and rice dishes, so make sure that you are hungry before heading over to the Bamboo Garden.

Sushi House


Located off the Main Street , the restaurant is small, but cozy with a great energy. Facing out to a side street the dominant feature is a U-shaped sushi bar with a CP train that runs around the bar carrying sushi prepared by a sushi chef who is located inside the U.

It is a fun way to enjoy sushi as the train, a model of one that originally ran through Banff, carries the sushi past each diner. Prices are determined by the color of each plate and diners just reach out what ever piques their fancy as it rolls past. Their is a sushi menu so you can figure out what is on each plate or you can just ask the chef and he will explain or make anything specific. Because it is a sushi bar the options are limited to the more typical types of sushi.

Chaya Restaurant

Another Asian restaurant in Banff National Park, Chaya Restaurant offers authentic Japanese dishes at affordable prices and large servings. Chaya is known for their noodles, which are made fresh every day in the restaurant. However, they also serve other dishes, such as rice dishes, so if you’re looking for a cheap place to eat that’s going to fill you up, make sure to grab a table at Chaya Restaurant. The only drawback to this restaurant is that the seating is quite limited, and you may need to wait for your turn to dine because there is always a waiting time. However, this could be a good thing, because that means that the food is good enough to wait for!

Seoul Country


Korean cuisine has taken the world by storm, and in Banff, if you’re looking for some authentic Korean flavors, you need to visit Seoul Country. The thrill of Korean food is always the anticipation of waiting for your food to cook in front of you, and at Seoul Country, the experience of table-top grilling is superb. You can have your choice of fresh meats and vegetables, and you can chow down on delicious sides while you wait for your main meal to cook.

Seoul Country is a good choice for families and groups of friends who love the experience of cooking together. What’s more, you can bond and chat while you wait for your food to cook! Seoul Country is located at Banff Avenue at Banff National Park, and offers both lunch and dinner for their dinners.

Block Kitchen and Bar

Ok, this one cheats a little, because it’s not EXACTLY Asian, but more of an Asian fusion, but their food is delicious and deserves a mention! Of course, they do offer more traditional Asian cuisine such as curries and spring rolls, but then you see their more modern fusion dishes, such as their famed Asian tacos.

The Block Kitchen and Bar also offers a fantastic array of beers and cocktails. Any place that offers good beer and tacos are worth a visit if you’re looking for a fun night out with your friends!

Masala Indian Cuisine

Banff’s only soulful Indian restaurants offers cuisine crafted by Masala’s two chefs who came all along from the northern and southern regions of their native India. Specialties from the wood-fired tandoori clay oven, many varieties of curry and classic masala. Dishes can be customized to  your particular taste buds:  mild, medium or hot.
Must try is Vegetable Samosas, Aloo Gobhi, bhindi do pyaza and Garlic naan.

Banff is known for great dining places, and Asian cuisine is well and truly represented in the choices of restaurants in the area. So if you’re looking for some memorable Asian cuisine, make sure to stop by one of these restaurants, and order up some Asian dishes that will truly make your inner foodie jump with joy!