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Canmore Cave Tours

For more adventure, check out the Canmore cave tours. If you enjoy climbing and hiking, these excursions are perfect for you. Climb, rappel and snake your way through these amazing caves. View some awesome rock formations, as well as fossils and animal bones. Explore the mysterious and spectacular underground scenery of Canmore. A truly unspoiled and natural wonder, a trip through the caves of Canmore will be a memorable experience for those with an appetite for adventure!

Join the Canmore Cave Tours for a Natural History tour into Rat’s Nest Cave: a pristine, undeveloped cave under Grotto Mountain near Banff and Canmore, Alberta: no interior lighting, no handrails, no walkways; a cave in its natural state. Discover the rich history of Rats Nest Cave; including how animals and humans have used the cave; examine stalactites, stalagmites, animal bones and fossils; learn about the geology of the picturesque Bow Valley in the Canadian Rockies where Banff and Canmore are located.

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Tour Details:

Canmore Caves Explorer

  • Duration: 4.5 hours

Canmore Caving Adventure

  • Duration: 6 hours

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Canmore Cave Tours

The guides at Canmore Cave Tours are enthusiastic professionals with numerous qualifications, including up-to-date backcountry wilderness first aid certificates and cave rescue training.

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