Charge through the snow in some of the Rocky Mountain’s most beautiful terrain. Experience the raw power of a snowmobile as you through tracks only accessible by sled and blaze trails through deep cherry powder, spraying rooster tails in your wake as you navigate the wilderness. Embark on one of a variety of tours suitable for any skill level, whether you’ve never even seen a snowmobile or you’re an advanced sledder. Head out into the bush on tours from two to seven hours in length and experience the unbridled exhilaration of charging through snowdrifts and racing up steep slopes into remote sections of the mountain. Endless freedom and  wilderness awaits you and your snowmobile and a ride through it just might be the highlight of your winter vacation! From wildlife to breathtaking outlooks, you never know what you’ll see as you make your way through the pristine snow. Action-packed tours are available with Banff Snowmobiling, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced snowmobile enthusiast.


Departure Time Pick-up Location Comments
6:50 Worldmark Canmore
7:00 All Canmore Locations Includes: Canmore McDonalds Restaurant parking lot
7:00 All Harvie Heights Locations
7:15 Banff Rocky Mountain Resort
7:15 Inns of Banff
7:15 Voyageur Inn Includes: Spruce Grove, Bumpers, Rundlestone
7:15 Caribou Lodge Includes: Charlton Cedar Court
7:15 Fox Hotel Includes: Banff Inn
7:15 Red Carpet Inn Includes: High Country Inn, Irwins, Best Western,Delta Royal Canadian Lodge, Same Sun Hostel
7:15 Ptarmigan Inn Includes: Banff International Hotel, Aspen Lodge
7:20 Douglas Fir Resort Includes: Tunnel Mtn. Chalets, Buffalo Mtn. Lodge, HI Hostel
7:20 Hidden Ridge
7:25 Mount Royal Hotel
7:25 Banff Centre
7:30 Banff Springs Hotel Pick-up is at bus entrance & parking area at the south end of the main hotel building only.
7:35 Rimrock Hotel
7:40 YWCA Pick-up at bus stop out front
7:40 Brewster Mountain Lodge
7:45 Banff Park Lodge (BPL)
7:45 Juniper
8:10 Castle Mountain Chalets Includes: Storm Mtn Lodge, Baker Creek, Johnston
Canyon and Lake Louise


  • The time indicated is the time to be ready for pick-up, however the bus
    might arrive up to 10 min later than posted time especially during busy seasons and weekends or during bad
    weather. Please be waiting and fully ready to go at the time indicated – this avoids delays and
    inconveniencing other guests already on the bus or waiting for pick-up. Timely departure from Banff is
    important for staying on schedule for tour departures.
  • Look for the “Toby Creek Adventures” logo on the bus
  • Return bus usually leaves Toby Creek Adventures approx 4 – 4:30 pm and arrives in Banff at approx 6:30pm
    however drop-offs can take up to 45 mins and are NOT in the same or reverse order as pick-ups.
  • All travel times are subject to road and weather conditions en-route. Delays are possible. Please allow
    sufficient buffer time for evening arrangements.

Call our friendly help desk to book: 1.888.313.6161

Paradise Basin Full Day Tour » (Free Play Time)

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Location: Panorama - Free Canmore/Banff Transportation

Paradise Mine Half Day Tour » (Free Play Time)

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Location: Panorama - Free Canmore/Banff Transportation

Mountain Icefall Tour » (Scenic Trail Ride)

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Location: Panorama

Taste of the Valley Tour » (Beginner Trail Ride)

  • Duration: 1 hours
  • Location: Panorama

Full Day Powder X Tour 600cc (120+hp) » (Free Play Time)

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Location: Panorama - Free Canmore/Banff Transportation

Full Day Powder X Tour 800cc (170+hp) » (Free Play Time)

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Location: Panorama - Free Canmore/Banff Transportation

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Toby Creek Adventures

Toby Creek Adventures offers ATV trips through the vast wilderness of the Canadian Rockies near Panorama along hundreds of kilometres of mountain trails. The guided tours are suitable for all ages and abilities.

*All rates, availability and tours are subject to change without notice and cannot be guaranteed until fully confirmed.